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The Guided Missile

Today's anti-aircraft attack method is far more effective. Just one heat-seeking ground-to-air missile is released, which homes accurately in on its target.

targeted marketing


Ideally your marketing plan would be like this:  all of the money you are spending on advertising reaching just the people who want to be a clients.  No wasted money.  Obviously that's not possible, but this is what your marketing plan should aim for.

Now, how do you get there?  The first step is to identify your market and segment your customers into groups that you can reach with an effective message.  The second step is to identify how you can reach those clients in a cost effective way.  This is where we come in.  We can help you analyze your current client database and help you identify target information like age group, gender, geographic area and other demographic data.  We can help you spend less money to reach those potential clients, and we can help you encourage your current clients to come to your business more often.  A professional with experience in database management may be able to split your mailing to make it even more cost effective - perhaps sending it partially by email and partly by USPS.  This saves you the printing and postage costs for the email portion of the mailing.  That adds up very rapidly.

That unique combination of applications - web site creation, client database management, bulk email ability and the ability to follow up with a physical mailing piece is what our company is all about.  

Learn from your
existing customers

Do you already have an in-house database?  Let us take a look at that database and tell you about where your customers come from and what target groups might be most effective for your business, then add that demographic information to your next marketing database order.